Surfing through

As the semester starts to come to an end we will all start our mini summer vacations before fall classes start. Luckily for me I got a pre vacation in this past weekend, which was full of eating to much, being a lake bum, surfing and of course pictures of my friend surfing! After taking quite a bit of photos, he was still all focused and stern in all of them but, I still managed to get some cool pictures while I was there. Overall I can’t complain about my weekend being spent hanging off the back of the boat taking pictures!


This photo is actually one of the two thousand I shot last night while trying to complete a time lapse. While sitting downtown for almost three hours taking photos, my goal was to wait for the cinema to light up as it became dark. As you can see, waiting was totally worth it. I have always rode by when it was lit up at night but, but sitting there and waiting for this to happen was a completely different experience. It made me realize not to take for granted the little things but, to live in the moment and experience everything you can.

My photography passion

Kick off

This photo is from one of the first times I shot “sports photography” even though they are just playing flag football. I did not really know what I was doing at the time or what shots I was going for but I knew the game so that was the only advantage I had. I have always been set on shooting sports photography but now that I have been researching, I believe I want something a little different or more specific. With that being said, now I am very interested in water-sports photography. No, not swimming or anything like that but, water-sports as in wake-surfing and wake- boarding. My happy place would be hanging of the back of a boat all day getting awesome pictures of these athletes. Now that I have more experience with sports photography and also experience wake-surfing myself, I have found a deep interest in pursuing water-sports photography as my true passion.


Maggie Valley Elk

I had to sit and watch this elk to get the picture I was going for. You are probably thinking what does this have to do with babysitting. Well this week one of my many things to do is “babysit” and watch my sisters dogs for a week while they are out of town which is not a bad thing for me because I will be in recovery mode. This will be day three since I got my wisdom teeth removed, the recovery hasn’t been too painful until now. Having a place to go to for the week and chill while I gain energy will be nice. Also the dogs I have to watch are not difficult at all considering all the do is lay around and nap. I wish that could be my life sometimes, but I have better things to look forward to like…finally getting to eat something crunchy after my mouth heals!

Who doesn’t love food?

So, this week I got to play with food as one of my projects. Anything with food in the title is always fun. Despite my strong interest in sports and nature, this food project was actually super fun!

I started off kinda rough with my placement of the items shown, but after playing around a while I started to get somewhere. I am lucky to get the opportunity to practice with different types of photography this year. Getting to shoot so many different projects and different items, people, and sports allows me to widen my abilities and also become comfortable and confident with a camera in my hand.

I am also grateful for my friends and family that are supporting me to chase my dreams in photography!

from the mountains to the sea

My name is Allison Smith and I am currently a photography student at Randolph Community College. I can’t wait to share my journey with you!
From the mountains to the sea, which is where I have traveled to in one week. It is very relaxing to be able to spend last weekend in the mountains and currently at the beach this weekend.
This is just the beginning before classes get hectic and tense with all the learning and assignments, before we all get stressed and worried about our grades.
My goal for this weekend is to relax and enjoy the scenery around me before my schedule becomes slammed with assignments and everyday life.
The outdoors is where I am able to relax and breathe for once in all the chaos of life.
But of course I hope to get some cool pictures while I’m here.