from the mountains to the sea

My name is Allison Smith and I am currently a photography student at Randolph Community College. I can’t wait to share my journey with you!
From the mountains to the sea, which is where I have traveled to in one week. It is very relaxing to be able to spend last weekend in the mountains and currently at the beach this weekend.
This is just the beginning before classes get hectic and tense with all the learning and assignments, before we all get stressed and worried about our grades.
My goal for this weekend is to relax and enjoy the scenery around me before my schedule becomes slammed with assignments and everyday life.
The outdoors is where I am able to relax and breathe for once in all the chaos of life.
But of course I hope to get some cool pictures while I’m here.


This week I attempted to do a panoramic photo for a class assignment. I realized it is harder than it may seem. I used all the tips, kept my camera level on the tripod, cover-lapped each one by just a little and did not touch my aperture once it was set. I will defiantly practice this more so I can get pretty good at it because you never know when you may need these skills to make a cool picture! I enjoyed this project because I like overall panoramic pictures.

Flying dogs?

To make my week even better, I got the opportunity to take pictures of dogs jumping into a large pool to see how far they could get. This was a big time national event called dock dogs. It was a super fun different experience. I got to see a large variety of dogs, dogs with shirts on, dogs with beards just like their owner. This whole event was quite a sight. I would definitely go back and take pictures when they come back next year! Only thing was you always hear a dog barking throughout!


This week I learned a lot of good information including using the pen tool and different layers for adjustments. In this particular image I have several different adjustment layers. I had a layer for each of the colors you see on that light, I had another layer for the left side where the wood panel is, I made that black and white and also another layer for the top I took the saturation down to create a neon green line across the top of the light. Overall this assignment was very fun because we got to play and make different things like this.

Friday night football

First Friday night football game was actually a blast! It was very intimidating at first just being there and figuring out where to be and when. It was definitely a learning experience but overall I have lots of fun and I am pretty happy with how the first game went. I am excited to be shooting more Friday night football this season!


So the 2nd week of school consisted of going out and taking pictures that are considered “woodsy”. I was taking a couple pictures on a Nikon camera of amber I was a slightly concerned as I do not know much about Nikon but, it was not as bad as I thought. She then took pictures of me on my camera, which I later retouched as part of the assignment. I learned different ways of retouching certain areas and also got a feel of what was too little or too much retouching!

Week 1

Week one of 2nd year is done. It’s already been exciting as we went to shoot a burn for fire training. Now I know to wear shorts and a T-shirt as it will be very hot outside and always pack water! I learned a lot of what not to do and what works when you’re on a scene and have to think quickly about your angle or lighting because the action happening changes. Overall this was super fun and I can’t wait to go to different places and keep shooting different stuff.


Back at it again. My 2nd year of photography school has officially started. First assignment of the semester went better than planned. I had to pick something that interest me or my style of work. I was thinking there’s no sports games going on at the time. Then it hit me, I will just go find a basketball court! Pulling up to the court I was thinking how will I make this interesting and after getting out there and trying different things, I ended up getting a decent result that I am happy with for the first assignment! Here’s to the 1st last day of college!